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A "lighting" exercise

Animation that could work as a "cut scene" intro. The animation was done in Blender and the rendering and lighting set up is done completely in Unity

Light variation of the scene. This time showcasing an interactive UI to focus com a given object. The video was recorded from a Unity Build of the project

Showcase of the RIG, showing the Controls available for the table lamp rig.

A "lighting" exercise

Personal project showcasing a low-poly game scene.
All assets were produced in Blender, including the hand-painted textures. The wood texture was generated procedurally.
The scene itself was assembled in Unity(camera interactions, lighting, linking the lighting with the animation, and the UI that can be seen in one of the videos). The textured renderers are all from Unity's game mode.
The table lamp is based on the amazing concept art by @JuliaRokhmistrova. (

More artwork